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So you want a gimbal but your not sure what to get?

Choosing your first gimbal can be a bit overwhelming especially if your new to the technology. There are many different styles of gimbals out there for cameras small and large. The type and size of camera you are using will dictate what gimbal you will need, as will the usage requirements. If you are running a GoPro Hero3 or Hero4 you will want to look for a GoPro specific gimbal.  For those who are running more advanced larger mirrored or mirrorless DSLR cameras with different lens sizes you will need to closely pay attention to the total gross weight of your camera and lens combination as well as the overall dimensions of your camera before selecting an adjustable DSLR gimbal.

Typically most gimbals are offered in just a handheld form - meaning there specifically designed to be used for handheld use only. However there are some gimbals out there, such as the DJI Ronin-M, that can be 'hot-swapped' to be used as attachments to different types of rigs such as camera cranes, cable cams, and even aerial drones. 

This comprehensive tutorial section was created to help both newbies and seasoned pros choose the best gimbal for their application and camera equipment. Our experienced team not only has developed, programmed and produced own custom gimbals, camera cranes and aerial drones but we have gone to great ends to test and try pretty much every gimbal out there on the market for both DSLR and GoPro cameras. All of the gimbals that are available on our website are used by our team on a daily basis not only for our online videos but for commercial shoots as well. 

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We feel it is vital that we pass on as much valuable information to you as we can so that you can go out and be successful at capturing smooth video. Because lets face it. When it comes down to it you shouldn't be worried about your equipment or how to get it to work, you should be focused on using it to its full capabilities allowing you to focus 100% on capturing those amazing moments onto video to share with the rest of the world. 

The EVO GP for GoPro Hero3/4 from is a popular turn key consumer gimbal perfect for capturing action sports and family events.

The information presented in the tutorial section of our site is organized in a top to bottom manner with the most basic information starting at the top with more complex topics further down the list.

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If you find yourself pondering a question that you didn't get the answer to in our tutorial topics or tutorial videos simply send us an email and well be glad to help you out