Batteries & Chargers

Gimbals both large and small are powered by rechargeable Lithium Polymer (LiPo) or Lithium-Ion (L-iON) batteries. Depending on the model gimbal battery life can last any where from 2 to 6 hours plus.LiPo and L-iON batteries should be handled with great care and monitored while charging. All of the batteries sold on The Gimbal Store feature over charge and over discharge protection, which is important for safety and  to maintain overall battery health and life. When shopping for spare batteries for your gimbal be sure to only choose batteries that are approved by the manufacturer, as not all batteries are created equal in terms of quality and reliability.

Using LiPo & Li-Ion Batteries

The LiPo and Li-Ion batteries used in gimbals can become extremely hazardous if mishandled. Lithium battery fires are very rare but can happen so it is VERY important that you pay attention and use care when handling your batteries. 

You should always use the proper approved charger that came with your gimbal to charge your batteries and should always be sure to select a charging area that is free of flammable materials. 

You should be sure to regularly inspect your batteries for damage and properly dispose of any batteries that become swollen, leaky or damaged.  Be sure to also inspect your charger and charging cord on a regular basis for damage. 

Spare batteries that you take to shoots should be stored in a proper carrying case. Never put loose batteries in your pocket or backpack as this can cause a fire!

Gimbal batteries
LiPo and Li-Ion batteries should be handled with great care during charging as they can become extremely hazardous if mishandled.
proper battery disposal
Never throw your batteries in the garabage! This is not only dangerous and can cause a fire, but it is also detrimental to the enviroment!

Proper Battery Disposal

Lets face it as much as we wish they would, batteries do not last forever. If you have a battery that is puffed, leaky or damaged you should dispose of it properly. 

Throwing batteries in with your household waste is not only bad for the environment but it is also a major fire hazard. 

If you do need to dispose of your batteries it is best to call your local battery store or your local communities waste transfer station.