Want to know if your order will arrive on time? Be sure to review our holiday shipping schedule.

Important: Each order received requires 24 hours of processing before it is shipped.

Cut off dates to receive an order by December 25th, 2015


West Coast States: December 12th 2015 (midnight PST)

Mid West States: December 8th 2015 (midnight PST)

East Coast States: December 4th 2015 (anything after 11am PST will not ship until Monday Dec. 7th)


All States: December 21st 2015 by 11:00am PST (No exceptions).


Holiday Shipping FAQ

When is the absolute latest I can place an order and receive it by Christmas?

Any order received after 11:00am PST on December 21st will not arrive by December 25th, 2014.

 How long does it take for my order to ship?

West Coast 1-3 business days, ground shipping
Mid West 4- 6 business days, ground shipping
East Coast 6- 7 business days, ground shipping

 My order qualifies for free shipping. Can I get free overnight or 2 day shipping?

Free shipping applies to ground shipping only. You must pay for expedited shipping.

 Does this schedule apply towards international shipping?

Orders shipped to Canada require more time and special shipping considerations. Please see our shipping page or contact us for more information about shipping to Canada, and allow more time than stated above for your order to arrive.